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Tru Salon Team


I love to create… fashion and interior design to landscaping and digital design… I find so much joy in visually bringing things to life. Of course, this means I love to shop! I also love to travel with my husband, go on family adventures, eat good food, drink tequila and connect with others through open, honest and genuine conversations.

why hair? I never even considered going to hair school until a hairdresser pulled me aside my senior year of high school and said, “ I know you think you’re going to school for business, but you need to go to hair school!” I couldn’t be more thankful she did. I was always doing hair. Over time I began to learn how I could combine my love of business and math with my love of hair and art. I’m so blessed to love what I do. 

why tru? Tru is about so much more than hair… Tru is about connection. We connect with our guests by listening, teaching and inspiring. We connect with our co-workers by believing in them, building them up and empowering them. Finally we connect with ourselves, which I believe is the most important of them all. When we are able to fully see and love ourselves, that is when true beauty really shines through. 

founder. co-owner. luxury color specialist.

Holly Bontrager 


I’m a peace-seeker who loves her family, her home, learning about life and connecting with others on a fulfilling level. 

why hair? I do hair to have an artistic outlet and to connect with my guests. My chair is a safe place where I hope my guests always leave feeling uplifted. 

why tru? Tru is my forever salon home because it has grown me into who I am now. I love that we embody growth… personally and professionally. 

co-owner. luxury color specialist. certified Master Technician in ibe hair extensions. lash artist.

Kayla Jones

I am passionate about education and have been trained by celebrity artists in California and I continue to go back for more! If I’m not here in the salon, I am usually traveling or spending time with my family. 

why hair? I always knew I wanted to do hair for the reason of wanting to make women feel as beautiful on the outside, as they are on the inside. Give a woman great hair, and she feels like she can conquer anything! My drive behind it all is to deliver a luxury experience where you can come, relax and be pampered while receiving the best hair services. 

why tru? I have been at tru for 8 years now and have never looked back. We always say, “we are who we grow” and from day one this has stayed with me and proven to be true. As an educator at Tru, I now get to do the same! I love pouring into each of my associates everything I have learned, and giving them the tools that have led to my success! 

co-owner. luxury color specialist. certified in nbr & IBE hair extensions.

Megan Betts

I provide friendly service the moment a guest steps in the door. I strive to make people feel welcome and relaxed when they’re at Tru. It’s all about the guest experience! 

why hair? I have my license in cosmetology, and although I’m no longer able to work with hair, I still wanted to be as close to it as I could. I get to interact with people every day and make them feel at home.

why tru? I love that I get to work with some of the hardest working women I know. Everyone is a lot of fun and really supportive!

team leader. 

Makayla Dobney 

I love to spend time with my kids, my husband and fixing up my house… I have a passion for interior design! When I’m behind the chair, I love freshening up my guests to where they feel brand new… especially lived in brunettes and blondes! 

why hair? I love getting to know people, hearing their stories and lifting them up to look and feel their best. 

why tru? From the moment I stepped into the building, I had that feeling of home. I have been able to grow and push myself as a stylist. The quality of work I have been taught in this salon has been unlike any other. Seeing how much love and support I have from Tru has been the best part of my career.

stylist. keratin lash lift artist. Certified in IBE hair extensions.

Alex Brown

I love to travel, spend time outside and online shop a little too much. When I’m behind the chair, I’m all for lived in colors and blonding. 

why hair? I chose hair for the creativity and interaction that this career brings. 

why tru? I chose tru because of the positivity this company provides… we are a family unit. 

stylist. certified in ibe hair extensions. lash artist.

Ashton Whaley

I’m from Iowa City; I went to the university of iowa unsure of what i wanted to do and left with awesome friendships after realizing I was not meant for a desk. I was not the girl that grew up always wanting to do hair; I was much more of a tomboy. I chose hair because it’s the most relaxing way to have fun relationships with my clients. I want you to feel heard and have peace when you leave my chair. 

My goal with color is to give you as low of maintenance as possible to achieve your goal in a healthy way, whether that’s a root color, balayage or foil application. I offer haircuts that are created with the mind to wash and go or be fully styled, in addition to a variety of treatments to keep your hair strong, moisturized and shiny! 

why hair? Growing up my mom and brother were super creative, and I found a place to have that freedom as well. I want to create livable art, it’s the accessory you don’t take off. It’s my favorite investment to make for myself. 

why tru? I interviewed because of the associate opportunity, and I was amazed in my interview with Holly when I heard her passion for hair, but also her people. Now I can create beautiful hair on incredible clients/friends while having the best work/life balance. 

stylist. Makeup Artist.

Samantha Gorvin

When I’m not behind the chair, you’ll find me doing any outdoor activity possible, traveling or doing house projects. In the salon, I’m all about lived in colors and invisible bead extensions. 

why hair? Seeing other people experience their dream hair fills my soul. I’m a firm believer that it’s important to feel good on the inside and out. 

why tru? I love working at Tru because it’s a positive, supportive environment. I feel truly blessed to be doing my passion everyday and to be working alongside the most inspiring people! 

stylist. certified in ibe hair extensions.

Ellie McGarvey

I’m 23 and have been doing hair at Tru for 3 years now since graduating from capri college in cedar rapids. I’m originally from fort madison, iowa, but moved to the iowa city area for school, and made it my home. I love live music, astrology, trivia and just being around people. When I’m not at the salon, you can most likely find me at the dog park with my great pyrenees puppy, Chagu. 

why hair? Hair has always been something I loved. I remember paying my sisters to let me braid their hair, and in the 4th grade, begging my mom to buy me a mannequin head so I could practice doing curls. While it may have started with just taking something and making it pretty, my favorite part about hair is the connection I make with my clients… being able to empower and help someone present to the world who they are, with confidence. 

why tru? Tru has given me all the tools I need to make “playing with hair” a career for me. From the moment I walked in the doors, I have been flooded with support from every person on the team. I think the saying “if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room” is pretty fitting. The knowledge and perspective that everyone on the team is so willing to share, makes tru the right room for me. 

stylist. Makeup Artist.

Carlee Keenan

I like to make my guests feel beautiful, that’s why I do what I do. I’m from the amana colonies and when I’m not in the salon, I love concerts and live music. 

why hair? My grandma did hair and I loved being in her salon growing up, so hair was a natural choice for me. 

why tru? I wanted a small, close knit salon company that focused on education. That’s exactly what I found at Tru. 

stylist. makeup artist. 

Willa Kephart

I’m an enneagram 4 and a cedar rapids, Iowa native. If I wasn’t in the hair industry, I would definitely be in the music industry, but I can’t carry a tune to save my life.  

why hair? After living in London for 2 months, I decided to completely change my career path. There is so much creativity and freedom in doing hair. It is truly an art form to me. I also love working with my hands and people. 

why tru? When you walk into tru, its about more than just hair. Tru has created a safe space not only for our stylists, but also for our guests. If you’re having a bad day, there is someone to pick you up… if you have a major life win, there is someone ready to celebrate with you. Tru is Tru because of the people.  

stylist. Makeup Artist.

Paige Gantner

I grew up in a small town and I love to cook and paint. When I’m in the salon, I love doing eyelash extensions and big color transformations. 

why hair? I have a desire to help all people, with all hair types, feel their best in any way I can.  

why tru? I was drawn in by the timeless style of Tru as well as all of the education and fun personalities! 


Makenna Amsbaugh

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