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In the early morning hours of March 7th, 2021, Ben Brecht and three of his friends were celebrating his birthday when a wrong-way drunk driver on I-380 struck their SUV head-on. Ben and two of his friends sustained injuries while the other friend tragically lost his life in the accident.

Ben has already undergone two major surgeries and will continue to have a long road to recovery. At this time he is unable to walk unassisted but his doctors are hopeful for a full recovery, which could take up to 8 months. He has 2 young children & him and his girlfriend are staying with his parents currently while he recovers.

We were able to donate $2,480 this quarter, which will be able to help with any unexpected expenses during these tough times! 

Let this tragic accident be a reminder to us all about not drinking and driving, and having a designated driver or call an Uber before getting behind the wheel. One decision can change multiple lives in the blink of an eye.

Ben Brecht 

Foundation2's mission is to be a trusted ally when life gets tough. For all people, any time, and every time.

Foundation2's services include a 24-hour crisis phone line, crisis chat and text, family counseling, mobile crisis outreach, an emergency youth shelter and independent living support for young adults who have aged out of foster care.

As hairstylists, we chose our path because we love meeting new people, connecting with our community, and helping people feel good about themselves. Because we believe in the power of community, especially when it comes to mental health, we wanted to support this great organization. 


The year 2020 and the ongoing pandemic has been increasingly difficult for people to connect. The sudden loss of interaction with an in person support system (loved ones, co-workers, friends), has increased the risk to our mental health.

Foundation2 is there to assist with thoughts of suicide, job loss, and the mental hardship that comes with adjusting to a new, strange normal.
We love that Foundation2 is committed  to helping at risk youth, suicide prevention, and helping build the foundation for stronger and healthier families and safer communities for everyone.

We were able to give 2,350.00 to this amazing cause!

Iowa’s first refugee led social service organization, EMBARC was founded in 2011 to help refugees from Burma settle in Iowa. 

EMBARC's ultimate goal is to create opportunities for all refugees in Iowa by removing barriers & fostering equity and inclusion.  After the devastating derecho, we at Tru wanted to support a local organization who was committed to rebuilding their community, particularly by assisting those most in need. Just one way EMBARC is helping after the derecho is by working with apartment complexes that were destroyed throughout the Cedar Rapids area. EMBARC also works daily to also expand opportunities for refugees through advocacy, education, and community development. 

We are honored to donate $1,500 to support their cause and are so thankful for everything they are doing in our community! 


Journey Above Poverty is a program that allows youth ages 5-18 to experience and explore any and every positive and informative opportunity out there. Based in Tiffin, they strive to give each and every youth the opportunity for encouragement, education, fun and exclusivity all in a loving environment. 

We, here at Tru, believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to explore what brings them to life. We see Journey Above Poverty providing priceless encouragement and guidance to our local youth, who otherwise wouldn't have the resources. 

We are honored to donate $2,500 to their program and we can't wait to get involved with their youth!

Journey above Poverty

We are honored to give 1% of our sales every quarter to a cause that touches our hearts. Meet the Hempsteads... Erika is the sister of one of our very best friends, Angela Scott. Here you see Erika with her husband Travis, and their 3 beautiful daughters, Harper, Macy and Brielle. In April of 2017, Erika was first diagnosed with cancer. She received treatment and went into remission. In Nov 2019, the Hempsteads received the very difficult news that the cancer had returned, and spread to her spine and lymph nodes. Erika was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer. 

Since Erika's original diagnosis in April of 2017, she put time in on a daily basis taking classes to become a certified health and nutrition coach. She then began attending seminars, festivals and events all over trying to help as many people as possible. After much deliberation, Erika decided to go against the grain knowing that conventional treatments will not give her the results, the time, or healthy life she has worked so hard for. Instead, she is currently receiving treatments in Scottsdale, AZ at Envita Medical Center. The center provides some of the best integrated cancer treatments in the world based on research. 

We are blown away by Erika's selflessness. She has dedicated the rest of her time on earth, to work towards finding a cure for future patients by dedicating her treatments to research. We are honored to contribute to her family and treatments by donating $2,380. We are holding space for this amazing family and hope to shine a light on the beauty of Erika's choice to make the world a better place.

the hempsteads

Meet the Baldwins...

Sheila and her husband, Brad, have been clients of ours for 11 years along with their 2 beautiful daughters, Sasha and Kira. In May of 2019 Sheila was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to different parts of her body including her brain and bones. She has been given a prognosis of anywhere from 2 - 10 years. 

We have been blown away by Sheila's strength and her all consuming love for her family through this. She has started a blog documenting her journey as well as how she has decided to spend these next few years... traveling the world with her husband and daughters. We are honored to contribute to her travels by donating $2,465.

We hope to bring a piece of happiness in the midst of darkness and shine a light on the beauty of how Sheila is choosing to spend her precious time left on this earth... not just spending time with her daughters but giving them the priceless gift of memories that will last a lifetime. “I was sincere in saying Tru has been an important part of our family. Maybe some people would wonder how I could say that about a salon. I really meant what I said - this lovely gesture from your team joins other bright spots that have been created for us during a time of a lot of darkness."

the baldwins


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