we are passionate about giving back to our community by donating 1% of our sales
every quarter

We are honored to give 1% of our sales every quarter to a cause that touches our hearts. Meet the Baldwins... Sheila and her husband, Brad, have been clients of ours for 11 years along with their 2 beautiful daughters, Sasha and Kira. In May of 2019 Sheila was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to different parts of her body including her brain and bones. She has been given a prognosis of anywhere from 2 - 10 years.

We have been blown away by Sheila's strength and her all consuming love for her family through this. She has started a blog documenting her journey as well as how she has decided to spend these next few years... traveling the world with her husband and daughters. We are honored to contribute to her travels by donating $2,465.

We hope to bring a piece of happiness in the midst of darkness and shine a light on the beauty of how Sheila is choosing to spend her precious time left on this earth... not just spending time with her daughters but giving them the priceless gift of memories that will last a lifetime. 


"I was sincere in saying Tru has been an important part of our family. Maybe some people would wonder how I could say that about a salon. I really meant what I said - this lovely gesture from your team joins other bright spots that have been created for us during a time of a lot of darkness."


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