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current career opportunities

Education is extremely important... not only to inspire us as artists, but it gives us the ability to provide the absolute best for our guests. Our apprentice program will do just that for you. You will graduate empowered... understanding exactly what it takes to listen, teach, and inspire your guests to look and feel their best.

Our apprentice program is approximately one year consisting of classes twice a week and assisting our top level stylists with their guests. Half-way through the program you will be eligible for opportunity days... one to three days per week during which you may take appointments.

What does it mean to work at Tru? We are a family... we love, support and encourage each other. We are passionate... we strongly believe in what we do. We are empowering... we inspire our guests to love themselves by building their confidence. We are educators... we teach our guests how to style and maintain their hair and skin. We are current.. we are inspired by the runways and higher education.

We are passionate
about providing careers for motivated and driven individuals.